Is it me or ADHD?

Published March 17, 2024

So here’s what I’m wondering: How much of what I think of as my quirky behavior is because of ADHD, and how much is just personal? 

I’ll spend a ton of money to find the perfect [insert product here — hiking boots, backpack, pen — because each one I buy is almost perfect, but not quite. (I have quite a collection of those, and more.) And once I find what I think is exactly it, I’ll buy several “just in case.”  

Is that an ADHD thing?

How about switching office chairs every few weeks? (One is a Steelcase, the other is from Secret Labs.) Neither is better, but they’re different and I feel the urge to switch every now and then. 


I enjoy meeting new people, but then I feel like I’ve run out of things to say and I’ll drift away.

ADHD? Social anxiety? 

It’s like that with other habits — and I always wonder which are a result of ADHD and which are just personal quirks.  

I recognize that the line between is blurred, but I wonder how many of these quirks are common. “Yeah! I do that too!”