Entries from March 2024

Is it me or ADHD?

March 3, 2024

So here’s what I’m wondering: How much of what I think of as my quirky behavior is because of ADHD, and how much is just personal?  I’ll spend a ton of money to find the perfect [insert product here — hiking boots, backpack, pen — because each one I buy is almost perfect, but not […]

ChatGPT solves the Israeli-Palestinian crisis

March 3, 2024

Humans have failed, so I prompted ChatGPT to “Act as a master diplomat and solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem.” That simple. The response is actually damned good. ChatGPT: As a master diplomat, I approach the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with empathy, pragmatism, and a commitment to finding common ground. While this complex issue has deep historical roots, I […]